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Bitcoin price surges higher from the $8500 support area towards $9500. Will the uptrend continue? Let’s check the technical analysis for more insights.
Bitcoin found support at $8500 may push higher again towards $9500. Despite the recent downturn, the Bitcoin Bulls are quite active to regain momentum.
A general of Iran has advocated the use of cryptocurrency to escape US sanctions imposed on the country by Trump's administration.
Bitcoin price is approaching the potential reversal zone while heading lower after rejecting the $10,500 area earlier. What next can BTC traders expect?
Bitcoin Retesting Support at $9500 again after several bounces from the level. After the intense Bearish pressure breaking $10,000, Bulls are struggling.
Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, is promoting a new book called Bitcoin & Black America. The book discusses how Bitcoin can benefit African-Americans.
Bitcoin still indecisive below $10,000 Resistance area while Bulls are holding the price higher. Despite the recent spikes, Buying pressure sustains well.
3 Smart Bitcoin Investment Tips for 2020
Feb 23, 2020
Samson Ononeme
Are you planning to invest in Bitcoin? In this article, we will discuss 3 Smart Bitcoin Investment Tips you should know before entering the crypto market. 
Bitcoin Struggle Continues above $9500 Support area, which indicates further upward pressure in the making. The bias is Bullish and may continue further.
Oil Rejected Resistance at $54.35 and Pushed lower between the price area of $53.00-50. Regardless of Bullish pressure, certain correction may take place.