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Bitcoin price surges higher from the $8500 support area towards $9500. Will the uptrend continue? Let’s check the technical analysis for more insights.
Gold rejected support at $1585 and may continue the Bullish momentum. Gold was able to correct lower after rejecting a $1690 key resistance area.
Oil Bullish run may continue higher towards $50.50 area soon. Oil bounced higher after rejecting $45 area with a strong Bullish close.
EURUSD surges higher at 1.11 resistance area after bouncing from the 1.08 key support area, Can traders expect the recovery to continue?
Gold found support at $1560 and may continue the Bullish momentum. Gold able to correct lower towards $1560 after rejecting $1690 key area.
Oil started week below $45 and may bounce higher. Oil is currently residing near $46 area and may continue to push higher toward $50.50 again.
EURUSD impulsive Bullish run hits the 1.1050 resistance area and may pause now. After rejecting 1.08 support area, EURUSD reached 1.1050 quite impulsively
The price of Gold is correcting lower and may reach the $1600 support area as a retracement. Bearish pressure may continue further towards the $1700 area.
Bitcoin found support at $8500 may push higher again towards $9500. Despite the recent downturn, the Bitcoin Bulls are quite active to regain momentum.
Oil creates new low breaking all barriers below $48 and may continue further down. Bearish pressure may sustain further towards the $45 area soon