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EURUSD surges higher at 1.11 resistance area after bouncing from the 1.08 key support area, Can traders expect the recovery to continue?
EURUSD impulsive Bullish run hits the 1.1050 resistance area and may pause now. After rejecting 1.08 support area, EURUSD reached 1.1050 quite impulsively
The EURUSD pair is moving higher and may continue towards 1.0920 area as a retracement. Despite the intense bearish pressure, the bulls can retrace higher.
EURUSD is retracing higher, but the Bearish momentum is still on the market. After rejected from 1.08 area, EURUSD is currently retracing above 1.083 area
EURUSD may bounce back as volatility increased near 1.08 area. After a non-volatile and impulsive Bearish momentum, currently, the price may retrace upward
Bloomberg has predicted that the euro could reach parity. In today's EURUSD price outlook, we discuss 4 reasons why the pair is close to parity.
EURUSD Retracing Higher Toward 1.0920 Resistance Area. The Bearish trend may continue its bias upward 1.0800 after retracing resistance area 1.0920
The Flash February PMIs will take center stage this week and will provide the possible impact of the coronavirus on the global economy.
EURUSD may Retrace Higher before Continuing the Bearish Trend leading the price towards 1.0920 area. The Bearish trend is still intact to sustain further.
EURUSD may Retrace Higher before Continuing the Bearish Trend with target towards 1.0920 support area. As per current correction, it may push higher.